The Dark Side of Netflix

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Just Say No to Debits

Absolutely, do not pay for your Netflix subscription with a debit card, bank transfer, etc. Use only a credit card.

There have been numerous stories about Netflix making multiple, unjustified withdrawals from debit accounts. If Netflix does overcharge you, the burden will be on you to prove Netflix made the error. You can probably get your money back, but it will require a lot of work on your part.

If you use a credit card and decide that you are not happy with something Netflix has done, you can always call your credit card company and dispute the charge.


Anonymous said...

YES TAKE THIS ADVICE!!!! watch your bank statements people, netflix is opening fraudulent accounts and charging you even with out there being any use on the account! they will only refund you up to 90 days if you dont catch them before that they will tell you your sol! I was a nextflix subscriber for 3 years and noticed i was being charged twice a month, when i called they said oh ya thers another account under your name and cc, but it was never used, why didnt you catch this before now? um sorry i work and go to school?! well you will have to despute this with your cc co. i used my debit card, my bank is not going to pay me back! netflix owes me 300 dollars for good and services never used! i have filed a complaint with the BBB.

Anonymous said...

your site is wonderful!

how can a suposedly lucrative buisness like netflick flitter away viable accounts buy un-responsive support of ANY kind?
what type of yeahoo CPO would allow a company dealing and trying to cater to the public be so dence. i'm just glad i never invested to netflix with my energy, money, or anything else. don't think a rotton grape on the vine will be picked by anyone!