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New York Times Reporter Writes Follow-Up

New York Times reporter, David Pogue, received your comments, and he has responded by writing a follow-up to his original DVD-by-mail comparison story.

New York Times Follow-Up Story
"DVD's by Mail: Other Considerations"(Registered Users)

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In his article, David Pogue states that a particular Netflix competitor does not carry Unrated movies. This statement is inaccurate. There are at least two versions of the specific movie mentioned in his article, Y Tu Mama Tambien. Netflix carries an Unrated version of Y Tu Mama Tambien. One of the competitors in question carries both an R (100 mins) and an Unrated (105 mins) version of this movie.

Does the content of the Unrated version of Y Tu Mama Tambien vary by vendor? If you have specific information on the Unrated version of Y Tu Mama Tambien, please post it here.

Note: Amazon and CD Universe both show their Unrated versions of Y Tu Mama Tambien as 105 mins.

R Version

Unrated Version