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New York Times Reporter Writes Follow-Up

New York Times reporter, David Pogue, received your comments, and he has responded by writing a follow-up to his original DVD-by-mail comparison story.

New York Times Follow-Up Story
"DVD's by Mail: Other Considerations"(Registered Users)

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In his article, David Pogue states that a particular Netflix competitor does not carry Unrated movies. This statement is inaccurate. There are at least two versions of the specific movie mentioned in his article, Y Tu Mama Tambien. Netflix carries an Unrated version of Y Tu Mama Tambien. One of the competitors in question carries both an R (100 mins) and an Unrated (105 mins) version of this movie.

Does the content of the Unrated version of Y Tu Mama Tambien vary by vendor? If you have specific information on the Unrated version of Y Tu Mama Tambien, please post it here.

Note: Amazon and CD Universe both show their Unrated versions of Y Tu Mama Tambien as 105 mins.

R Version

Unrated Version


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see that followup based on subscriber input. And it's great that the information appears in the "newspaper of record" (the globally recognized NYTIMES). Finally, the word about Netflix's lies and fraudulent business practices is getting out to unsuspecting customers. "Unlimited DVDs"...baloney!

ghlu said...

I rented Harrold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle from Blockbuster and its unrated. I've also seen quite a lof of unrated DVDs in BB stor, so I am sure BB online/store carry unrated version.

Anonymous said...

Just found this link on a message board. If you switch ti BlockBuster after u cancel with netflix u get 2 months free and a free dvd.
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Anonymous said...

Glad I dropped in! The issue of who
does and doesn't have unrated versions of "Y Tu Mama Tambien" was about the most enlightening post I've seen anywhere on the Internet in a long time.