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Netflix Admits Plan Limits (Well, Sort Of)

On June 1, 2005, Manuel’s Netflix Journal reported what seems to be an indication that Netflix is beginning to subtly admit the limits of their unlimited rental plans.

Netflix’s Terms of Service now states, "Most of our subscribers rent between 3-11 movies per month." This somewhat ambiguous and non-committal statement is far from a confession, but at least Netflix is giving customers a hint they may be disappointed if they hope to watch more than eleven DVDs per month on a three-out plan.

Perhaps Netflix is feeling the heat from outraged customers, or maybe Netflix is just hedging in case they get hit with lawsuits. Regardless, at least Netflix is giving customers a little more information.


Justin said...

I think it's only logical to realize that nothing is truly unlimited. They don't impose an arbitrary limit, but everything has physical constraints, and people should realize this when they hear the word "unlimited." An unlimited seafood buffet is limited by the amount of seafood in the restaurant, and Netflix rentals are limited by turnaround time and postal transit time.

Be reasonable. If you're getting 11 movies for $18 a month, that's a bargain. You can use my spreadsheet to see how much you're saving over renting locally.

Editor said...

Dear Justin,

You sound just like poor little Zachary Smart ( He tried almost the same exact argument months ago. His argument did not hold up well, and he embarrassed himself.

Go to, search for “ztsmart”, and read all about it.