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dan larson said...

netflix can rot in hell. as soon as i got on the 5 a month from the 3 it went south, i've called and complained last week twice. delayed shipping, other shipping centers, and delayed check-ins. all this when in the last 4 months all those issues combined happened like 5 times. now in january when i started my 5 dvd deals they limit my shippments to once a week when im mailing them the next day. they call it a "rare case" oh yeah, they recieved a movie on monday and were not shipping till THURSAY i recieced it SATURDAY snd it was BROKEN. now they recieved all my movies monday and all 5 are not shipping till tuesday. what that means is ALL 5 ARE SHIPPING FROM ANOTHER SHIPPING FACILITY. RARE HUH? I SHOULD BUY A LOTTO LICKET. BY THE WAY I LIVE IN CHICAGO THERE ARE LIKE 4.5 MILLION PEOPLE LIVING HERE. YOU WOULD THINK THEY KEEP SOME EXTRA COPYS AROUND HERE. WELL THEY DO THIS IS HOW THEY TREAT THEIR HEAVY USERS. im cancelling on the 17th a day before they debit my accout. on the 16th im reporting my card lost so thay cant try any funny stuff and im emptying my list. thanks for the good times netflx. MORONS.

Anonymous said...

OK you bunch of freaking cry babies.

1. They are not the post office I repeat they are not the post office. They have no control of what happens to the movies once they have left the distribution centers or from where ever you drop the movies off. 90% of the customers recieve their movies in one business day. Average shipping time is 1-3 days. Cry to the post office not Netflix.

2.Heavy users are not penalized you have unlimited rentals just because you didn't get the "40 year old Virgin" the day it came out isn't throttling. Netflix can only purchase a set amount of copies from the distributor. You are not the only customer. There are over 4 millions subscribers and they only hear from 1% of them.Yes if you are at the 5 at a time and some one is at the 1 at a time the 1 at a time will get it first. It evens out the playing field, but you don't see it that way. I have had the "40 year old virgin" in my queue since it came out and I still haven't got it. It's a movie get over it. Take a walk or be with your family. Your life isn't over because you haven't seen the newest releases. If your that desperate go elsewhere.

3. If you are looking to get the hottest new releases right away. Go elsewhere. Netflix offers 55,000 movies so if you are just into getting the new releases get in line and don't cry about it.

4. Things get lost in the mail, things get broken. Netflix is more then happy to get you replacements. Things happen. It's not a conspiracy, noone is out to get you. Again it's a movie, not a organ transplant.

5. Yes the phone number is hard to find. try finding the number on Amazon. Netflix's phone number is there. It's an online service that's why they have you use email. They'd answer the emails quicker if they weren't on the phone all day hearing you bitch and moan.

6. If you don't like the service then cancel.Don't bitch and moan and whine. Cancel and move on with your life. Go to Blockbuster or Hollywood video.

7. 99% of the customers never contact Netflix..It's the 1% of complete morons who call them.

pete mitchell said...

this loser is a real company man. i wonder if your the same guy who said they work 80 hours a week for netflix and almost half of them are for free. mabye not. if so thats even worse than someone who just rents movies all the time. only 1% calls and complains? ok,post the info from netflix that your basing this on. why is there a 15 minute hold then? mabye only 2 morons like you are working. if it wasn't for losers renting dvd's there would be no such thing as a netflix or blockbuster. if your sucha comany man then just work for free. post your name so i can call netflix and bitch and whine to you personaly when i call.

Anonymous said...

I'm the loser this guy is up at 1 in the morning sitting infront of the computer yearning for the touch of a woman. Oh no a 15 minutes hold? Whatever shall you do. hey I love the 99% of the customers who don't whine and complain of lame crap. It's the 1% that are the morons. It's a movie get over it. You don't like it don't use the service. Here's a box of tissues.

The Company Man

pete mitchell said...

you gotta lot of nerve calling me a loser, your replying to every comment on this site. i guess you are the loser who works 80 hours a week for 40 hours pay since you did not deny it. by the way you are the 40 year old virgin, thats why you have it in your list, you want to relate to someone else. you don't love 99% of anybody. as soon as blockbuster uses their 4500 stores as shipping centers later this year you guyes are through.

Anonymous said...

Hate to burst your bubble but I work 40 hours a week with weekends off and I'm paid quite well. Blockbuster please. You check the stock market lately? Wake up. How long did it take to come up with your lame comeback? Boo hoo my feelings are hurt. Whatever LOSER.

Anonymous said...

Netflix completely blows. Obviously some of their employees are lying bastards.
I live in San Diego and send mine to Santa Ana. The mail takes one day. My most recent movie, I sent on a Monday and didn't get a new movie til Saturday. The first seven movies in my queue are waits.
I wrote an email and they blamed the post office. Bastards. I send stuff all the time, but only my Netflix movies are delayed.
The problem I have is the bait and switch. When I started out, I got movies right away, and there were very few long waits. Now every new movie is a wait and they say it takes up to five days to receive my movies. What a bunch of liars. Only a person without a conscience could support this company.
In response to the "get over it" attitude: Netflix was STEALING from me. How would you like it if I took nineteen dollars from your wallet every month. What Netflix does may not be illegal, but it is immoral. I canceled the bastards.

Anonymous said...

I will take them for all I can in the two free weeks, and then cancel! I will pull the "switch and bait" on them, and then change to another mailing address I have!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comments. I have been tracking my account and I am finding delays in receiving DVD's. I think, as with any service you pay for, it is your responsibility give feedback if it is meeting your satisfaction. I have talked to customer service and will continue to do so if I am dissatisfied.
I understand I have the option to cancel, however, how do we get better service if there is no feedback. I commend customers who let the vendor know how they are performing. Many companies pay for the feedback (I am a mystery shopper). I am giving my feedback for free.

Anonymous said...

The bad language and immaturity of communication in these posts does not hide the real problem. I have had the same problem with NetFlix. What Netlix advertises is not what you get. I had the 3 at a time plan -- but could never get more than 8 or 9 movies a month out of them. I too would return the next day-- sometimes the same day I recived the movie in the mail. At first (during the trial) things showed up the next day-- very impressive. After they had my money and my credit card, it began to take 3 or 4 days for things to be "received" by them.
About half of the DVDs I received were unplayable/unviewable -- so that actually takes my 8 or 9 a month even lower. I began to realize that I could rent pay-for-view movies and get something that I could really watch for the money I was giving to NetFlix each month. When I cancelled -- they got all of my outstanding movies back the "next day" but for one. They claim not to have gotten it -- and are going to zap my on file credit card for $20 to pay for that movie. That movie was unplayable/unwatchable and was returned days before their "deadline." I have filed a complaint with the BBB in California, with my State's Attorney General, with the Postal Inspection Service, and with Netflix. NO, the problems in this post are not "rare" -- they ARE A REALITY. Netflix is ripping the consummer off; and that is the bottom line.

Dr. Bailey