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Netflix Hires Former Postmaster General As COO

Netflix’s favorite scapegoat for slow DVD turnaround is the United States Postal Service. If you have ever asked Netflix Customer Service why it is taking so long for your DVDs to be checked in, a Netflix employee has probably implied to you that USPS is slow and incompetent and should be blamed for any delays.

Oddly, Netflix has hired, former U.S. Postmaster General, William J. Henderson as its new chief operations officer (COO). This brings up an interesting question. If USPS is so incompetent that they cannot transport DVDs in a timely and reliable manner, why would Netflix give one of its highest and most critical positions to a former USPS leader? Perhaps Netflix has more faith in USPS than they are willing to admit.

The fact is that USPS does have some problems, but getting mail delivered is not one of them. USPS handles mind-boggling volumes of mail each day, and an amazingly high percentage gets delivered to the intended destinations on time.

The reality is that William Henderson is now probably the most competent and ethical person in the Netflix organization. Congratulations, Netflix on making a wise addition to your staff. Now that you have a major USPS insider on the management team, please stop blaming USPS for delays.

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Anonymous said...

The return address for my Netflix DVD's is a PO box at the main mail facility in my city. This is where the main trucks deliver all the mail in the city for processing. In short, Netflix receives it quickly.