The Dark Side of Netflix

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Rude Netflix Customer Service

In The Huffington Post, an article by Ron Galloway ("Netflix Death Watch") claims indifferent, arrogant, and rude treatment from Netflix customer service representatives. Have you noticed Netflix customer service representatives getting more unpleasant recently? If so, post your Netflix customer service story here.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I am a new user of Netflix. When they didn't ship the first DVD in my que despite it being listed as "available" I called to ask why. The customer service rep told me to "read the f-ing terms of service". Well, I had, but there isn't anything in there about them not shipping an available DVD. So, I went on the Netflix Communities to ask what was going on. Unfortunately, i found that the Netflix Communities are populated by - you guessed it, Netflix customer service reps who like to have another chance at yelling at customers. At least they did explain - in between nasty name calling and 4 letter words - that their system doesn't always work so well. Then they told me that it's only $16.00, as though it wasn't my $16.00 I was paying. Can't imagine I'll use them anymore.

Ceejo, That Last Dinosaur said...

What are you on about? "Representatives"? You mean there's more than one?

I called Netflix four times this past week and got the same damn guy every time. I swear it's just run out of this guy's basement.

Another red flag is that he pretended not to remember me as if he were a different guy, but four people with exactly the same voice and the same first name is about as red as a flag gets.