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DVD Rental Directory

Here are the current players in the DVD-rental-by-mail industry.
If you know of any other companies in this industry, please post them below.


Franklin said...
Family Pass, which used to be Mentura. I tried out their service with the 30-day free trial. They have a good selection of G and PG films. I would have stayed with them but it took way too long to turn over shipments.

Anonymous said...

I have used them last summer and they arn't too bad. They have a 10 out plan for $39.99. They ship from Plymouth,MA but the farther away you live the more Yuturns you get, which lets you tell them you shipped the movie back and they ship out another.

Evad said...

You may also find to be a good alternative to the existing services you discuss. Not only can you trade-in DVD's but you can also trade-in your unwanted CDs and Video Games for the ones you really want.

All transactions are $1.00. Get ANY CD, DVD or Video Game for points and a $1 per-item transaction fee.
Maximum $5 in transaction fees per month - get anything you want with no transaction fee after that.

catman said...

We own This is not an advertisement so please do not throttle me on that one. I did want to mention how hard it is to compete with Netflix. They had a handful of lame fitness dvds when we started out, now they have hundreds. They are still the cheapest dvds out there (they might lose money on the more expensive discs), but it is really hard to compete with them especially when the tactic seems to be anihilate everyone. I used to be a fan, but I also used to shop at Walmart.

Shawn said...

here's a few more alternatives:

Anonymous said...

Check out
I use them because my girlfriend is Asian she likes to watch Asian movies, they have limited titles though, but every time I rent there they always have added something new and their plans are cheap. You can check tiger aswell.

Anonymous said...

I am getting 12 dvds at a time from so far after a couple months ive not had to wait for any movie and they are in the process of adding games, cd's and audio books all for my same membership price! I am only paying $21.99 a month and it includes blu-rays. They are a newer company but pleased with them so far!