The Dark Side of Netflix

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Netflix Refunds

Have you filed a complaint and received a refund from Netflix? It appears some disgruntled Netflix customers have had some success in this area using a variety of methods. Maybe Netflix’s strict "no refunds" policy is not absolute.

You can find some details at (IE users, if you press Ctrl+F and search this page for refund, you will get several hits.)


Cheryl said...

I just found out, after being told by Netflix Customer Service that they would refund me for the month of May and June, that they do not do this. It was all reveled in my complaint with the BBB. In one of Netflix's long, 10 paragraph retaliations they stated they never gave me a refund but a discount (what is that?) They also said they do not expedite orders when a customer complains and I have a copy of an email from a Netflix employee saying they would give me an additional rental. I never got the additional rental nor the discount nor the refund. I am still complaining to the BBB daily and Netflix keeps getting egg on their face with their retorts because I have proved to them on every point that they have lied. Can they ever admit they make mistakes? I guess not!

Ceejo, That Last Dinosaur said...

Well, how can they ever expect to learn from mistakes they don't acknowledge they ever made. Yet another red flag. I guess those shipping envelopes are made out of their red flags.

Jeffery said...

For our Free 30 day trial we have been charged 2.00, Cancelled but they ignored that, can't email them, what in the world is up with that? We should be refunded this money but it looks like that is unlikely.

Anonymous said...

jeff, you ever tried calling to see what happened with that charge?u know theyre only a call away