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exp said...

If you are interested in watching a movie every night, I don't think you can do this with Netflix. You need a backup. Increasing your subscription with Netflix is unlikely to help your frustration. I found that separating the eggs into separate baskets work for me.

I tried Greencine as an addition to my Netflix membership. It did not work for me. I love their collection, but the turnaround was so slow that it did not substantially increase the number of movies I had on a week day.

Now I am using DVR from Comcast. When I signed up, they gave me a couple of months' worth of free premium cable. I taped tons of movies. Now the free stuff expired. However, I still have a backup of about 20 movies. When I am waiting for Netflix movies to arrive, I am using these stocks. This system works great at the moment. WHen my stocks expire, I may sign up for premium cable for a month or so, and stock up again.

This solution is not for everyone though. I watch movies a couple of years old, but for anime, or international movies, Comcast is not the solution.

Netflix is likely to satisfy only the light users who watch movies in the weekends. Otherwise, we need backup...

beer234 said...

Use the play feature of Netflix to play some movies over the internet while other movies are sent via mail in a DVD form. Using the play and ship method expands the numbers of movies you can watch.

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Anonymous said...

Optionally, you can always "get a life" outside of your television set and DVD player.

Kaz said...

Two hours of TV per day does not preclude a life. In fact, it's a healthy addition to one's life experience. No matter how much extreme technophobes refuse to admit it, you can obtain concentrated, if superficial, life experiences from TV more efficiently, in moderation, than FROM real life.

You might not be able to visit France today, but you can still see a documentary about France, today.

Even if you visit France, you will get things from a documentary (or even a movie) about SPECIFIC parts of france, in a single hour, that you could not get in days of being there, because of editing and the size of the country.

You'd have to be a billionaire whose entire life was focused on having Real Life experiences, before television might even be argued to have a LESS THAN significant benefit to life experience.

Anonymous said...

I found that Netflix did a neat trick and changed my return city from Cleveland Ohio to Columbus Ohio. Although I'm right in between the two, it's 1 day to return dvds to Cleveland and 2 days to return to Columbus. I called cust service and complained but they wouldn't switch me back to Cleveland! A brilliant throttling scheme.
So now that I have a new membership I send two dvds back to Cleveland in one envelope and save the extras. If they ever decide to change me again, I have a big stack ready to fix that problem!

Anonymous said...

If you're a heavy user and noticed they now limit you from new releases (never available or really long wait) and/or are throttling you (taking several days to ship/receive dvds when it used to take one), here's how I got them back. I actually did this today and trust me it works!
Once your membership is close to the billing date, clear the cookies in your browser and start a new membership using a new credit card (not sure if the original would work, I happened to have a new one so used it). Make up a fake name (name doesn't have to be the same as the card) and use the same address as your old membership. Now you have several free weeks and all those new releases that were marked "very long wait" are suddenly available. Then log back into your original membership and cancel it.
I figure you can do this indefinitely every time you notice they're starting to throttle you. Just make sure to clear your netflix cookies first or the site realizes what you're up to!

Anonymous said...

I use to recommend Netflix to family, friends, and co-workers as the Best Value in home entertainment! No more. It's a big mistake, in this economy, where everyone is looking for Best Value, to increase the subscription price 60% for exactly the same service. Netflix bought a ton of bad publicity and press because of corporate greed. Newspapers, television, and radio will feed on the outrage and frenzy of their most loyal customers. They have overestimated their position because of Netflix' heady stock prices and forget that it was their customer base that placed them in that position in the first place. Other companies will step up now that Netflix have made such a huge marketing blunder and will prosper because of their mistake. I, for one, will be looking for alternatives. Forget streaming and expansion in South America, this move may signal the End of the Netflix Bubble. Now, instead of recommending Netflix for entertainment, I will recommend to family and friends to Short Netflix stock and buy Redbox Coinstar CSTR.
Bye, bye Netflix. Hello Amazon ON Demand, Redbox, Blockbuster, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus.