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New York Times Reporter Lets Netflix Slide

Today, New York Times reporter, David Pogue ran a story comparing the major players in the video-rental-by-mail industry. Surprisingly, he did not mention any of Netflix’s throttling tactics. I do not know how David Pogue could have researched this story without coming across the abundance of negative information about Netflix’s tactics. Maybe he just does not believe that these negative consumer testimonials are true.

Please read David Pogue’s story at the link below. If you think that he left out some important details about the way Netflix operates, please email him about your experiences with the company and ask him to do a follow-up story on Netflix. It does not matter if David Pogue wants to write positive things about Netflix, but he should at least make sure his readers are getting the full story.

David Pogue at NYT

New York Times Story
"In the Competition for DVD Rentals by Mail, Two Empires Strike Back"

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manuel said...

It's obvious he was paid to write Netflix a glowing review. Netflix does this quite often.