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Boston Globe Silent on Netflix Throttling

Today, The Boston Globe ran a story about the DVD-by-mail industry. While the article includes a lot of information, it fails to mention anything about Netflix’s practice of throttling.

You can read Bruce Mohl’s story at the link below. If you think Bruce Mohl left out some important details about the way Netflix operates, please email him about your experiences with the company and politely request that he write a follow-up story on Netflix.

Regular Netflix Underground readers will remember that David Pogue with The New York Times made a similar omission in March. Due, in large part, to your contacts with David Poque, The New York Times ran a follow-up story that mentioned Netflix’s practice of throttling. Perhaps, Bruce Mohl by will set the record straight in The Boston Globe once he has all of the facts.

The Boston Globe Story
"Customers Win in War of Online DVD Rental Firms"

Bruce Mohl at The Boston Globe

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