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Nearest Netflix Shipping Facility

The "Nearest Netflix Shipping Facility" issue seems to be affecting a growing number of Netflix subscribers. Manuel’s Netflix Journal has been researching this story for weeks. If you have fallen victim to the "Nearest Netflix Shipping Facility" tactic, learn what you can do about it at

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Anonymous said...

I have been a member of Netflix for about a year. I've been tracking my rentals for the last 6 months. I live approx 15 miles from the Cleveland Shipping Facility and I average 1 day on my end (typically recevied afternoon and put back in the mail (at the post office) by 9:00 the next morning). Simply put, Netflix takes 6.2 days (including my delay) between the time I receive a movie and the time the next movie arrives. Proximity to shipping facility has nothing to do with delivery speed since this delay is caused by Netflix's intentional delays in receiving and shipping. They're not fooling anyone.... do the math 31 days/6.2 turnaround * 3 at-a-time = 15 movies per month.