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Class Action Settlement Registration Begins

The settlement registration process for Chavez v. Netflix, the class action lawsuit over claims of Netflix's false advertising, has begun.

If you were a paying Netflix customer before 1/15/05, you are part of the lawsuit class. You may visit to verify your eligibility and contact information. To receive a benefit from the settlement, you must complete the Claim Form Process at

Unfortunately, the benefits of the Netflix settlement are ridiculously meager.

If you are a current Netflix subscriber, you will receive a free one-month plan upgrade. For example, three-out members will be upgraded to four-out plans for the month. Note that you must take the initiative to downgrade your plan at the end of the month. If you do not downgrade your plan promptly, you will be billed automatically for the upgraded plan at the beginning of the next billing period.

If you are not a current Netflix subscriber, you will receive a free month of Netflix service. (This will give Netflix one last time to take advantage of you.) As a former subscriber, you will have the option of a one-, two-, or three-out plan. Common sense suggests that most will choose three-out plans; however, take note that you must cancel your membership at the end of your free month. If you do not cancel promptly, you will be billed automatically for an additional month.

Click here to find more detailed information about the settlement and your various options.

Note: If you are currently suing Netflix or wish to sue Netflix in the future, you may not want to participate in this settlement. Consult with you attorney about your options.

Update: For opt-out information, go to


Anonymous said...

Might I direct you to a site I set up today:

I’ve already gotten a couple of enquiries from media, and I intend to make the site as visible as I can to members of the class. I am, understandably I hope, livid.


manuel said...

I agree with Christopher. The payout for this settlement sucks. The "free" upgrade amounts to a $6.00 payout. Opt-out of the settlement and hold out for more cash. See details