The Dark Side of Netflix

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Netflix to Eliminate Profiles Feature

Netflix is planning to eliminate the Profiles feature on September 1, 2008. Some customers use this feature all the time and love it. Others do not care. Regardless, why would Netflix take away a feature that many customers like so strongly? Could the Profiles feature really cost Netflix that much money? Is this just a publicity stunt? This move just does not make sense. If you have any theories or thoughts about why Netflix would make such a strange move, please post them here.


The Credit Card Chargeback: Your Magical Ability to Turn Back Time

Did you know, that if any shifty merchant ever places an illegitimate charge on your credit card, it is your consumer right to dispute the charge with your credit card company? All you have to do is dial the toll-free customer service number on the back of your credit card and tell a service representative that you wish to place a particular charge in dispute.

Your credit card company will investigate your claim. If your credit card company determines the shifty merchant has unjustly charged your card, your credit card company has the power to recover your money from the shifty merchant in the form of a chargeback. In a chargeback, money is taken from the merchant (often along with penalties) and refunded back to your credit card account. In summary, the shifty merchant loses your money and you get it back like nothing ever happened.

If a shifty DVD-by-mail company places illegitimate charges your credit card, consider opening a dispute through your credit card company. You might just find you have the magical ability to turn back time.