The Dark Side of Netflix

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Reporting Netflix Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Violations

If you are exercising your Netflix class action lawsuit settlement benefits and notice any potential violations of the settlement terms or anything unusual, you may wish to contact the Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco ( in regard to the Frank Chavez vs. Netflix case (Case Number: CGC-04-434884). Judge Thomas Mellon was involved in the settlement.

The attorneys for Frank Chavez are Adam Gutride and Seth Safier of Gutride Safier LLP (

Click here to read about your settlement benefits.

Click here to read the Frank Chavez vs. Netflix settlement agreement.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so Netflix increased the number of DVDs that I receive for 1 month, that was August 10, 2008. Now they say they are experiencing a problem with the shipping and receiving aspect of Netflix, seems too strange to me

Videogame Writer Guy said...

Love the detailed and timely information here. Can't believe some of the tactics...!