The Dark Side of Netflix

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Netflix HD Underwhelming

An article on Gizmodo by John Herman explores Netflix's attitudes about HD as it relates to the direction of the company. Click here to read "Why Netflix Doesn't Really Care About HD."


falcopics said...

HD is highly overrated anyway. I am not interested in owning HD and see it as nothing more than a ruse for cable companies to charge more for the same service. HD suffers from images that are oversharpened, with too much color saturation, and with a color shift to harsh blue/green. Very far from the beauty and warmth of film, or reality for that matter. It is easy to be lulled by the vivid impact of HD at first glance, but after a bit I think it would produce a headache.

A Boy Named Muffin said...

HD is sort of overrated, but it's still very impressive. I love to see things (especially porn) in HD because it's very clear and sharp (and I don't know if it's just my imagination or what, but it seems to look even better than real life. I look away and say, "Why is my couch not in HD?". But, all that said, the industry is trying to make it bigger than it is. Just like the Blu-ray. The price increases are not indicative of the quality increases. And, then, if you decrease content or quality of it, or limit access to it, then it's even less worth it. Seriously, people. Know the product you're selling. You can sell it to the masses no matter what, but the masses aren't the ones who will ultimately stab you. That would be us thinking people. Don't think we don't want to stab you already. And, don't push us so far we'll stop considering the illegality of it.