The Dark Side of Netflix

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Alternatives to Netflix

With Netflix hiking prices aggressively, consumers are being forced to consider closing their Netflix accounts and finding better entertainment values from other sources. If you would like to help those soon-to-be-liberated Netflix subscribers, click on Comments below and post your recommendations for finding inexpensive entertainment while enjoying a Netflix-free lifestyle.

Get creative. For some people, one entertainment source may not be adequate. The best solutions probably involve combining multiple options to get the most for the money. Netflix competitors, downloads, used DVDs, kiosks, stores, Web sites, set-top boxes, pay-per-view, on-demand video, consoles, cable, satellite, DVRs, etc. are all on the table. Never has then been more ways to easily access millions of hours of entertainment. There should be excellent alternatives to Netflix for nearly every situation.


John said...

I have seen enough of of these type emails at my workplace, Reed. The smarmy, "I'm just as upset as you" mass emails from the ceo. The fact is that I quit netflix entirely years ago when you changed your policy to make it impossible for a paying customer to receive new dvds. I would put a movie in my queue months in advance, only to find I'd have an extremely long wait anyway.

My nephew informed me of the online streaming and, for the most part, it's good. I don't mind so much not being able to see new dvds of any value. However, I am sick of searching movies 30 to 40 years old only to find them "dvd only". So if that changes, you'll have a happily paying customer again. It's not as if the movies I'm searching are unworthy of being streamed, either.

I'll give it a couple months of paying after my free month ends. If that policy hasn't been rectified, at least somewhat, I'll said...

It's still a good deal no matter how you look at it. If I can watch movies from my home and pay less than going out to a theator then I am a happy camper.

Forsaken Clans said...

It is a pain tho having to pay 2 bills, just wanted to put that out incase anyone from netflix sees this and cares.

Anonymous said...

We want it all in one place, not all over the lot.

I want to sit down, turn on the device, and see whatever I'd like.

I also do not want to turn this into a research project of which is best.

My only hope at this point is that Apple does something-- e.g., buys out Netflix and a couple of other streaming services and integrates it into iTunes. And, releases an Apple HD TV.

Anonymous said...

I canceled my Netflix account b/c of what I interpreted to be an unjustified and poorly explained increase in subscription fees. I want both services but the 60% price hike doesn't fit my budget. I've adapted by using more cost effective services like Redbox, Crackle, and Hulu. I just bought a blue-ray player with the money I saved by canceling my Netflix account. I'm happy to see many others have made similar changes in an effort to defy what seems to be corporate greed.

Anonymous said...

at the end of this netflix-or the bad one will ask you which gift u want-TAKE NONE_ON MY NEXT BILL THERE WAS SOMETHING FOR $100.00 AND THERE IS 10 dollar charge everymonth afterwards for a gaming ompany