The Dark Side of Netflix

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Canceling Netflix? You Are Not Alone

Angry subscribers warned Netflix, but Netflix did not listen. Netflix subscribers threatened to cancel their subscriptions if Netflix raised prices. Netflix raised the prices anyway, and many subscribers appear to be following through on their threats.

If you are one of those incensed subscribers and you are ready to exit Netflix, you are not alone. Read "Higher Netflix Prices Equals Fewer Subscribers" by Michael Liedtke for the details.

If the Netflix member cancellations continue, it could possibly become fashionable to drop Netflix. These customer backlashes tend to take on lives of their own and snowball. Just ask the last company who dominated the video rental business, got too cocky, and started screwing around with their customers. How did that work out?

With the added revenue from much higher subscription fees, Netflix may very well weather this storm, but the New Red Menace may have gone a bit too far this time. We will just have to wait and see how many subscribers are going to continue taking the abuse from Netflix and how many are going to find somewhere else to wait weeks for new releases, rent scratched DVDs, and have their ISPs and computers blamed for streaming video problems.

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