The Dark Side of Netflix

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Qwikster, the Netflix Version of New Coke

New Coke
On Mashable, Chris Taylor sums up what most marketing executives are probably thinking today about Netflix's horribly bungled launch of Qwikster. Yes, Qwikster just could turn out to be Netflix's New Coke.

"Qwikster From Netflix: The Worst Product Launch Since New Coke?"


Anonymous said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing on the 'new' Coke debacle.

Maybe it will help resurrect Blockbuster.

Let's see. I pay more money for less service. I have to wait longer for new releases on DVD to satisfy Netflix contract for them to get streaming content which I don't want.

Since they basically are saying they believe DVD rental is a dead end maybe they should call the spin off Defunctster.

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its good comparison