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Qwikster on Twitter, Oops!

Netflix really did not think this Qwikster thing through.  Check out Jason Castillo's Twitter account.


Jason Castillo's finances are about to get a lot better. He is about to get a big, fat check from Netflix.

Jason Castillo, hold out for huge money, and consider hiring an attorney so Netflix does not rip you off in the contract. Netflix is worth billions of dollars, and they will have to spend millions advertising Qwikster. Do not let Netflix take advantage of you.  Think of all the money you could ever expect to get from Netflix and then triple it. Netflix needs to buy your Twitter account more than you can possibly imagine. Do not be afraid to get greedy. Netflix never is.

-- Update 9/22/11 --

As of the morning of 9/22/11, Jason Castillo's @Qwikster account is showing some odd activity. A couple of days ago, he made mentions of offers to buy his Twitter handle, negotiations, and contracts. Now, however, all of those mentions have been removed. The pot-smoking Elmo image was one of the first things to go. At the time of this update, Jason Castillo had no tweets since 9/19/11, leaving a gap of a few days.  Curiously, the tweets end the same day Reed Hastings stunned the investment world by announcing Qwikster as part of a half-hearted apology.

Jason Castillo must either have someone advising him to remove mentions of Netflix, or maybe Netflix has requested he not mention any negotiations. Clearly, something is going on. Do not be surprised if Netflix/Qwikster owns that Twitter account pretty soon. Hopefully, Jason Castillo has someone smart guiding him through this process.

-- Update 9/23/11 --

Jason Castillo suddenly came back with a flock of tweets late last night.  The pause in Tweet activity was strange.  One must wonder if Netflix realized Qwikster is a ridiculous name and they decided to go with something less cheesy. 


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